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About Neet Nigeria
Neet Nigeria Limited is a company, incorporated in Nigeria in 1980, offering business applications and professional services in Office Automation Applications including Production Printing, Document Management and Electronic Archiving, Commercial Cooling & HVAC, ICT Equipment and SMB Telecommunication Solutions. We are able to provide services and hardware in just about anything required for an initial commercial premise start-­‐up as we represent the following global organizations in the following solutions:
(A family group company)--‐ Multi--Functional Devices/Printers [MFDs / MFPs), Production Printers & High--Volume Printing Requirements for Back--Room applications in Finance & Banking Sector, Consumables, Document Solutions, Workflow Management Solutions
SMB Office Telecom Solutions, Hybrid & IP--PBX, Telecommunications Hardware, VoIP Solutions & Gateways, Handsets, Passive Components and Cabling Solutions like Legrand & Systimax
Room & Commercial Cooling, Roof--Top Chillers, Centralized HVAC Solutions, DVM Systems, Solutions and Design, Project Management and Implementation/Maintenance Services
In the Document Solution space, a rapidly evolving market and its never--‐exhausting demands enforce  organizations and its people to harness better document management. With maximum time consumed to perform imaging as a back--‐office process, sustaining  a competitive edge was becoming difficult for organizations. Neet endeavours to play a catalytic role in producing these results, by providing superior, practical and flexible solutions in document management, paper--‐to--‐digital conversions, imaging and archiving.
Mission Statement
To constantly innovate in products and consulting services that help companies get better business results through process innovation. More specifically, we help customers  simplify and streamline their intensive business processes with special focus in the areas of human  productivity & efficiency, and cost savings –constantly working to exceed client expectations.
Our Vision
To deliver  professional services in office solutions, effective service delivery, customer relationship & loyalty,  through commitments to quality & time,in a cost--‐effective environment.
Our Expertise
Technology change is the only constant factor. Business initiatives have to keep new trends in mind. At Neet we believe in  absorbing the latest  technologies at the speed of  thought. Be  it  our products or our services, we incorporate new technologies appropriately  to give the best solutions.